Dr. Graham, Nick, Kyungjin, Michael, Sam, Zhe, Darshan, Gabe, Brian, Luke

Front Row - NIck, Michael, Zhe, Darshan, Kyungjin
Back Row - Dr. Graham, Sam, Gabe, Brian, Luke

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The Graham Lab is a dynamic research environment that focuses on  the development of  wide bandgap electronic devices as well as materials to support energy systems.  The group is in charge of the Electronics Manufacturing and Reliability Laboratory  (EMRL) that has expertise in the thermal analysis and reliability of GaN and Ga2O3 based wide bandgap semiconductors used in RF communications and power electronics.  EMRL develops experimental techniques to measure the temperature and stress distribution in these devices down to the individual transistor level.  In addition, EMRL investigates the thermophysical properties and thermal interface resistance in these devices and develops packaging and thermal management approaches for improved reliability.  A recent focus of the group has been power electronics for electric and hybrid electric transportation systems.  Finally, the group works on the packaging and reliability of flexible and wearable electronics including displays, solar cells, and wearable sensor technology.  Our group interacts with other universities as well as the Air Force Research Laboratory, ONR, DARPA, ARL and several industrial partners in these research areas.

The Graham Group is also involved in the development of novel materials for energy systems.  In this work, we are developing through the Heat Lab, materials that can improve thermal energy storage, improve insulating materials for buildings, and barrier film technology for packaging solar cells.  Our group interacts with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, ONR, CSIRO (Australia), and several industrial partners in this area.


George Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering